Nutrition & Dietetics

Dietitian and Nutritionists are responsible for the assessment of nutritional needs of patients, the planning of suitable diets and the education of patients, their families and their carers.


Dietitians assist with the important role of health planning, benchmarking nutritional standards, and the development and implementation of up to date nutrition policies both at a local level and on a national basis. In the food industry, Dietitians are involved in food regulation and legislation, food safety and nutrition research, quality analysis systems and product development.


Dietitians utilise management skills and dietary and nutrition knowledge when delivering food services in a variety of settings which includes hospitals, private residences, nursing homes, hospitality and catering.


Dietitians consult with individual patients, as well as larger groups and organisations. These can include, but not limited to, individual counselling, small or large group programs, preventive health programs and nutritional education.


Dietitians play a very important role providing nutritional counselling to individual athletes and sporting teams with the purpose of elevating athletic performance. This support ranges from a local club level all the way through to elite athletes competing at State and National levels.