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Custom mouthguards are available in a wide variety of colours and designs, from one single colour, stripes or the colours of your team. Customisation can be further enhanced with the inclusion of team or sponsorship logos as well as the insertion of the player’s name for identification. can arrange for the fitting of custom mouthguards in the comfort of your own home.

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Dental Associations all over the world clearly recommend custom-fitted mouthguards. Many sporting bodies now make the wearing of mouthguards while competing mandatory, and certainly in most junior contact sporting codes, mouthguards are compulsory.


All mouthguards, including the DIY type, have a role in protecting you against dental trauma and some concussions.

No mouthguard can guarantee total protection.

However, with a custom mouthguard you will be able to participate in your sport in the knowledge that you are wearing the most protective type of mouthguard available. You will also experience the ability to breathe more comfortably and speak more clearly, as a custom mouthguard follows the contours of your teeth closely and does not move around in your mouth like many of the shop-bought boil-n-bite types.

Mouthguards act like shock absorbers. They work by spreading the force over a larger area. This increases the time taken for the force to be transmitted, reducing the peak force and absorbing energy by elastic compression and recoil. Dissipating the energy of the blow over a larger area and over a longer time reduces its effect and prevents or vastly reduces injury or concussion.

Custom mouthguards make contact with a far greater area of the wearer’s mouth. They have a greater and even thickness and elasticity in the primary contact zones of the mouth and are therefore far more effective at preventing concussion and injury.