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Dental Prosthetics

The scope of practise of Dental Prosthetics includes specifically the provision of full dentures, partial dentures, relining of existing dentures and the repairing of damaged or broken dentures.


Dental Prosthetists deal directly with the public - no referral is required. Most health funds offer rebates to their members and Dept. of Veterans Affairs patients can be attended to by Dental Prosthetists for these services.

Contact us by completing the form below. We will contact you to arrange, at your convenience and in the comfort and privacy of your home or residence, an appointment for a consult to assess your denture needs. Each subsequent appointment is carried out in the comfort and privacy of your own home.


We provide denture fitting services in the Greater Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Port Stephens regions.

We can assist family members in arranging for the provision of denture related services to their loved ones. Relatives, friends and carers are welcome to contact us.

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